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Zithromax - best medicine against bacteria

In the present days, it is very common to hear about different diseases. Mostly these diseases become active when there is a change in environment or when the immunity system of the person becomes weak. You will be amaze to know that the bacteria causing cough remains in your mouth. The immune system of your body restricts them to attack on your body. If your immune system will not fight against these bacteria then you have to use some antibiotics. These antibiotics could be in the form of tablets, capsules and suspension. Here I shall tell you about a well known medicine Zithromax. It is used to increase the ability of immune system. When you take it, it starts to fight against the bacteria. The demand of this medicine is high due to its low cost and higher efficiency.

Zithromax has some side effects in which some are uncommon and some are common. The common side effects of Zithromax are serious so if you get any of the common side effects then consult your doctor immediately. Approximately 1 out of 100 people may get any of the common side effects. So a user cannot get any of the side effects necessarily. Mostly it depends upon the health and medical fitness of the person. If the person is healthy then chances of getting any side effect reduce to minimum. If the person is weak then he can get the side effects easily. In case of any emergency while using Zithromax you should take an immediate help of the Para medical staff.

In these side effects you may become the victim of sore throat, low fever, jaundice, peeling and chest pain. These side effects mostly remain till the medication is not completed. If these side effects remain for a long period of time then you should tell your doctor and take good medicines for their treatment. In uncommon side effects you may become the victim of dizziness, stomach pain, sleep problems and mild itching. Approximately 1 person out of 1000 may get this problem.

Some people have the question that what should they avoid while using Zithromax. They should avoid taking antacids that contain magnesium and aluminum. These antacids include Milk of magnesia, Maalox, Rolaids, Mylanta etc. if you want to use them then use them in such timing which is quite far from your dose timing. During Zithromax medication avoid going in sun exposure because this medicine can burn your skin very easily. Try to wear protective clothes when you want to go outside from your home or office.

If you are suffering from any of the below mentioned diseases or health problems then you should ask your doctor before using Zithromax because he may change the dose of this medicine. These diseases are given below:

In short, we can say that your doctor should have a complete knowledge about your all medications and health problems.

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