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Melanin is the chemical on human skin that gives it its colour. In an instance where the amount of melanin in excessively produced on one part of the skin, it usually forms a dark area or patch. These are the dark spots. Dark spots can also be caused by sunlight rays, when one is exposed to sunlight or it can also be an after effect of a drug.

In order to know how to remedy the occurrence of dark spots on skin, one needs to know that the spots are consequences of different factors which lead to different forms of dark spots. Once one acquires this information, it is easy to remedy this skin condition.

The following are the methods of countering dark spots on your skin:

1. Exfoliation. This is an easy method of elimination dark spots on your skin. One only needs to mix two tablespoons of sugar with lemon water and apply the paste on the skin. Rubbing the paste across the skin gently helps remove the dark matter and also unclogging the pores.

2. Treatment. These are usually prescribed by the doctor or bought over the counter in validated stores. These ointments contain different acids that react with the melanin chemical, causing permanent removal of the dark matter from the skin.

3. The use of a chemical peel. These are peels which get rid of the top layers of a person’s skin. If the dark matter is contained in the top layers, then it will be removed.

4. Rubbing your skin with citrus is also another method of eliminating dark spots.


We have gone through the common skin conditions and their remedies. We have also looked at tips on preventing the skin conditions and the manual methods to use to get rid of several situations without having to go consult a doctor.

However, it is important to summarize everything briefly into one article so that the recurring and the most important methods of caring for your skin become general knowledge to people who are concerned about their skins.

These skin conditions such as acne, skin cancer, black spots and flushing can have adverse effects on the normal functioning of the skin. Therefore, here are the common tips for effective skin care:

1. Moisturize. Moisturizing helps a lot in the normal functioning of the skin. It eliminates the problems of the skin drying, maintains body temperature and also keeps the moisture applied inside the body. A moisturized skin is a healthy skin.

2. Apply sunscreen. Common problems such as skin cancer and drying of the skin are caused by the direct contact of the sun’s ray with the skin. Sunscreen is a product that eliminates the effects that these rays have on the skin.

3. Wash your skin with warm water at least twice in a day. Be careful not to use hot water as this might lead toremoval of the oily surface of the skin thus causing drying. Hot water also might enhance reddening of the skin.

4. Skin conditions are best handled by doctors when they get out of hand. So, if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

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