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How Texas fought against Overuse of Antibiotics

Many a times when a person feels miserable, whether it is cold, or flu, seeks direct help from doctor, thinking that taking the immediate prescribed pills will make that person better. Based on a survey held in Texas it was found that 1 out of 20 adults had taken antibiotics or drugs based on their previous prescription without any medical advice in the past year.

Many physicians prescribe the drug when it is not necessary so after a time the antibiotics have no particular effect on the illness which creates a problem; the person thus becomes drug-resistant to it which creates a serious problem. This has strained Texas and the rest of the United States. Most of the insurances policies cover the cost of simple prescriptions which makes it more difficult to defy the temptation.

Most of these antibiotic prescriptions are written for viral infection, which doesn't fights against such disease as cold, flu, sore throat, or sore cough. So taking antibiotics for viral infections would cause more harm than doing any good, as viruses and bacteria are two different organisms. Drug has to be prescribed based on knowing whether it is a bacterial or viral infection. Bacteria are relatively simpler, and are mostly harmless but less than 1% of them can cause disease to people. Skin infections, strep throat, wound, most ear infections, and are caused by bacteria. Thus it requires different ways to combat both viral and bacterial infection.

After six decades of the use and overuse of antibiotic it gets resistant to the body as the bacteria has now acquired the ability to prevent normal function of the antibiotic. The bacteria thus survive and multiply causing more harm and thus eliminating the effectiveness of the drug or other agents used to cure the infection. A stronger drug is then used to fight further but it to becomes resistant which creates superbug, some strains that have evolved and the existing armor won't kill them any longer are called superbugs. One of the most common examples is the Streptococcus pneumonia have become resistant to one or many antibiotic causing treatment failure.

Vancomycin-Resitant Enterococcie (VRE) are a type of bacteria that have developed resistance to many antibiotics. The use of this antibiotic was prescribed to cure high risk disease such as cancer; this is also in the process to replace weaker drugs with the stronger ones. So this drug could be used when all the other drugs fail to work.

Antibiotic should be taken only when it is really necessary, otherwise try to avoid any antibiotics. In Texas and the United States the primary reason resistant strains have been created, against the misuse of antibiotics. If any antibiotic is prescribed then it is necessary to take the full course as stopping from taking this drug would create more resistance to the bacteria. One should make sure about getting the right prescription as there are several types of antibiotics used to cure various disease or infection and the correct dosage should also be known. These superbugs are very real so one should try to stay healthy and do their part in controlling them.

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